Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blood Clot Brew

Tonight we had a primary class Halloween party that rocked this world! We had such a blast and had plenty of candy on hand to fuel our fun!
We made some pretty spooky cupcakes! The kids loved loading the candy onto their cupcakes as you can see and created some wicked monsters!!! (Candy has advanced since I was a child! Now there are bloody gummy body parts and eyeballs! . . .Lucky!)
My favorite . . . well one of my favorite treats of the night, was our Blood Clot Brew! It was so easy to make and so much fun to drink! I was downing glass after glass but my hubby wouldn't touch it! The kids thought that it was pretty cool too. The first sip or two were kinda weird, and I tried not to think about blood clots but then you get that jelly texture in your mouth and . . . yeah it was awesome! My pictures don't do our creations justice! Time flew and so did my chance to take photos . . . Halloween just brings out the kid in me! I love it, love it, love it! I want more Brew! It was so much fun!

Blood Clot Brew
Recipe by: Emily

2 Quarts Fruit Punch or Red Kool-aid
1 1/2 Quarts Sprite or Seven-Up
1 Package Red Jello

1. Prepare the Jello according to package directions. Once it has set use a fork to break it up into little pieces.
2. Combine the Fruit Punch and Sprite in a punch bowl or large pitcher. Carefully pour the mangled jello into the punch mixture. Serve
(This stuff is red so be careful! . . . . It stains!) You could also put a gummy worm or gummy eye ball in each glass for extra festivity! For a little more upper scaled drink use raspberries instead of jello and crush them up a bit! To be extra, extra festive, add a little grape mangled jello for more "realistic" looking blood!
Time Saver: Use the jello snack size cups instead of going through all the work of making it yourself!


Jenny said...

How fun! My kids would just love all of these goulish treats. I'm loving the blood clot brew, that's awesome and so gross!

Lisa said...

I love it! I could see how those gobs would be a little creepy going down.

Mandy said...

What a fun party! I loooooove the punch, the perfect blend of icky and tasty for Halloween.:0) I actually might make this for one of my husband's next work dinners--they're all surgeons and always talking about clots. Ha!

Pam said...

How fun. My kids would love to eat any of those tasty would I.

Sara said...

Fun party foods! Crazy blood clot brew. I'm sure it was a hit!

Jeni said...

Man, you've got some Julia Child and Martha Stewart primary kids. Check out the creativity on those cupcakes!! Love it. And, uh, the "brew" looks incredible, but when I heard the name, I just couldn't stop thinking about clots. Gave me the willies. My husband and I are in Primary after I've been in young womens for 10 years. The little kiddies are GREAT!

Melanie said...

Wow! Those cupcakes are seriously them! And I'm definitely bookmarking the blood clot brew - sounds totally disgusting and perfect for Halloween!

Kate said...

so cute emily... you for sure have some incredible cupcake artist primary kids. or.. are you the one who did all the decorating and are just being modest???

hot garlic said...

Ahhh! Scary! You're so festive! That's great!

Emiline said...

Man! You guys went all-out!

The blood clot brew sounds like a spooky good time.
Love your tunes!

Happy Halloween

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

So much fun! I need to whip up some brew myself and this looks like a winner. THanks!

Meg said...

The brew sounds delicious and I love the cupcakes.

Sophie said...

Those have got to be the cutest Halloween cupcakes I've seen to date! What a fun idea :).